3 Ways to Make Your Next Corporate Event a Night to Remember

Corporate events fall into two broad categories: first of all, there are the corporate events that we are instructed to attend, and then there are those that we actually want to attend. Sometimes these events are valuable and enjoyable experiences, both professionally and personally, but unfortunately, they are all too often barely worth our time. Things don’t need to be this way, with the right planning and the right considerations you can put on a corporate event that everyone in attendance will remember. Here are some of the most effective ways of achieving this.

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Creative Catering

Depending on how many you are expecting to attend your event, working out what food to serve can be a fretful decision. It’s all about striking a balance, for example, you want to ensure that there is plenty of food to go around, but you also don’t want to go way overboard as your boss won’t be impressed if half the food you paid for ends up in the bin. When it comes to deciding on the specific food that will be on offer, you want to choose something that is reasonably safe – as in a lot of your attendees will enjoy it – but not something too bland or boring.

If practical, you could send out invitations beforehand and ask guests to include their food preferences in their RSVP. You won’t be able to cater to everyone, of course, but as long as you have 3 or 4 dishes on offer there should be something for everyone. You will have to judge for yourself how formal the event is; some events are better catered with a simple buffet, it really depends on who will be attending and what the purpose of the event is.


The type of entertainment that you choose will depend on the nature of the event that you are hosting and how formal it is. If your event is intended as a fairly loose and informal gathering of businesspeople, with the intention being that everyone mingles and builds their networks, then any entertainment that you choose should be light and not too elaborate. If you go overboard you run the risk of detracting from the purpose of the event. Hiring a DSLR photo booth is a great way of offering something fun, something that will get people talking as well as offering a memento of the evening.

Choose the Right Venue

This is another one of the key decisions that you will have to make, and another one which will be guided by the specific details of your event. If this is a strictly corporate event and you want it to be all business, then choose a venue which reflects this – somewhere within your own company’s building is the most logical choice. On the other hand, if the event is designed to be a little more free-flow, then you should look for a venue which is more spacious so that people can easily move around and mingle.

Corporate events don’t have to be tedious. Sometimes attending functions with your work colleagues is nerve wracking on its own and within the context of an important corporate get together it can be even more so. If you are tasked with organizing your business’s next corporate event, then take the time to carefully plan it so that it is an event that no one will forget.