4 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Ribbons

With holiday season around the corner, it’s about time your drawer gets spring cleaned too. And you will easily find an old/ leftover ribbon popping up, eagerly waiting to be used. It should be noted that ribbons can be used for dozens of creative things and not just wrapping your presents. Guess what? You are in for a treat! We are giving you 4 exceptionally creative ideas to use them.

  1. Funky Shoelaces

Are you bored of your black and white shoe lace collection? No, you don’t have to go shopping! Those long multicolored ribbon strands you found in your drawer, yeah! Just use them as your shoe lace instead. Using durable materials such as raffia or velvet would be a safe option.  Using Finerribbon ribbons for favors will for sure pump up your style quotient.

  1. Add More Personality to Your Secret Diary

Do you have a secret diary that you hide from the world, where you write all your secrets and precious thoughts? Well, if the answer is YES, then the dairy will need to be shown the love, care and affection that it deserves.

Cut the leftover ribbon you have in different sizes and simply glue them to the cover. The more colorful the ribbons are, the better. You can even come up with different shapes and insert your favorite picture in it.

  1. Making Hair Accessories

Using ribbons for making hair accessories is a novel deal. You can simply use a headband that has been lying around and convert it into a fancy one by decorating it with ribbon bows or flowers. You could even simply wrap the ribbon around the band.

Other ideas would be to tie these ribbons around your ponytail or braid your hair with it. Both the looks will be equally pretty

  1. Design Your Own Jewel

This is especially for the enthusiastic Do It Yourselfers (DIY). It is a little more time consuming when compared to the other ideas; however, the end result will definitely be worth it. What you could do is glue some multicolored beads or pearls on your ribbon and get your very own self-styled bracelet or necklace. If you want to make your very own brooch, you could learn how to make flower ribbons (it’s very easy trust me!) and simply glue them securely to a safety pin and that’s it! There you have your very own customized brooch.

Author Bio – Scarlett George is a passionate Do-It-Yourselfer. From time to time, she writes blogs to help out people with DIY items.