5 Fun Educational Activities For kids

Every mom has to take care of so many things about babies or baby. From teaching them to introduce him/her with new fun activities, there are numerous things to do. Lots of fun activities are available to be played among kids and a mom teach some of them but are you thinking that what are some of the best ones? Check out the below given 5 fun educational activities for kids and these can easily teach so many things.  These activities are combining fun and learning that offers a huge number of benefits and one can visit KidZania Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and such other places to get started.

  1. Water cycle bag

There are few basic things required to begin with it. You can easily find all the stuff from Plato to Dough which is easily available in every home. In this activity, kids will love the fact that how water is getting evaporated and then it is turning into the liquid form in few minutes. It is really the most loved activity. And it is also able to teach them basic rules of science which will help them lately.

  1. Experiment of Sky Blue

What it actually means is related to the most frequently asked question by kids that “Why sky is so blue”. In this method, you can teach them by this great experiment. You can teach this by using a Prism glass and reflecting the normal light. You need to them about rainbow and they will learn it well. There are total seven colors in rainbow and the color of sky is due to Rayleigh scattering which can help them learn about it.


Everyone knows that how a sand volcano look like. But, kids have a lot to learn about it. By making your next trip to beach and giving the opportunity to child about learning of sand volcano can help. These locations are must to visit destinations and these have lots of thing related to gaining knowledge that’s why kids can try these out. You can show videos to kids and help them learn some great things.

  1. Paper Building Blocks

There is no need of building bricks or anything to do such things. You can make some great paper block buildings and there are so many videos available on YouTube and other video stream websites which can help in learning the method of making awesome buildings from paper. Parents should learn the method of creating awesome buildings and then teach these to kids.

  1. Boomerang

There is no need of saying that boomerang is most loved thing and it is easy to find that kids love to play it. You just have to take your kid to park and tell him/her the method to throw. By experimenting little angles, the kid will learn to throw it properly and also he will know the method behind coming back.

There are many fun educational activity parks like KidZania Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Even you can find many other places to visit.