5 Reasons to Book a Private Venue for a 21st Birthday Party

Planning a 21st birthday bash in Melbourne can be a challenging task, it is an important day, which only comes around once in your lifetime. Most people choose between two options, having the party at home, or throwing the event at a private venue. Organising a gathering at a venue specifically designed to host big events such as a 21st birthday has several advantages, let us see why.

  1. Preparation

One of the biggest tasks you’ll have when planning any event is the preparation, having a 21st birthday party at home requires an incredible amount of work and hiring caterers, a DJ and other things takes a considerable amount of time and money. You also need a lot of space to store food, accommodate guests and make room for your nights entertainment. All of this is taken care of by a private venue if you book a function room for your party.

  1. Location

Your home may not be centrally located, and some of your guests will find it difficult to reach you using public transport. The only option they’ll have is to drive, or order a taxi. Most guests will be drinking so the last thing they’ll want to do is bring their own car, and you won’t get enough taxis ordered to your home if you plan on hosting a large crowd, so guests will be stuck at your home when the event is over. Why not choose 21st venues in Melbourne which are centrally located and near various modes of public and private transport systems.

  1. Design & Equipment

Staging an event at your own private residence means redesigning the area to accommodate a 21st birthday party. If you book a private function room, you’ll have use of premises which are specially designed to host events such as your own. Everything is already in place, from the DJ box to the dancefloor, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  1. Personnel

If you’re planning a sizeable event, you’ll need to hire a wide variety of personnel, including a DJ, caterers and waiting staff. If you don’t have a background in event management, you could end up wasting a lot of money on unnecessary items. Hiring all the right personnel for your event can be a daunting task, and without experience you could get it all wrong.

  1. Parking & Accessibility

As mentioned before, picking the right location is vital to the success of your party, and having the event in an accessible location ensures your guests will arrive in numbers. Furthermore, booking a private, centrally located venue guarantees any of your guests who chose to drive won’t have any issues finding parking spaces.

Take the stress out of organising your 21st birthday party by booking a private function room in a fully equipped venue. A place that is situated in the centre of the city is perfect for both yourself and your guests, they’ll have no problems getting to and from your party and you’ll have a night to remember surrounded by all your friends.