5 Tips for Planning a B’day Bash at Montreal Pubs

Montreal is one of the most happening places in the world. The place is a tourist hub and shines all year long. If you are planning to have a birthday bash in Montreal, you chose the right spot. There are so many pubs in Montreal that could give you the time of your life and your friends would thank you for years to come if you plan your birthday bash at Montreal pubs. Here are five tips for planning a birthday bash at Montreal pubs:

  1. Choose the Right Venue: There are a lot of pubs in Montreal, which is why it is difficult to choose one. You should go for the one with the best reviews like Madhatter Pub. People who go to pubs regularly have reviewed each and every one of them. Read the reviews and find the perfect venue for your birthday bash.
  2. Check with the Pub Whether They Allow People to Throw Birthday Parties: Another important thing to remember is that not all pubs allow birthday parties. Some have a strict ‘no cake’ policy. You can check with the pub before setting it as your venue so that you don’t get disappointed on the last day.
  3. Get Your Own Booze or Requestthe Pub to Supply Drinksat a Discounted Rate: Pubs have really expensive booze as they charge you for the ambience and place setting that they are giving to you. In a birthday bash, booze is one of the most important things. Therefore, it would be your biggest expense. Ask permission to get your own booze or strike a deal with the pub to give drinks at a discounted rate or else a major part of your budget would be spent on booze.
  4. Keep a Preset Menu: If the pub knows what snacks to bring out for your party, their function would be quick and your budget would be undisturbed and easy. Therefore, always go with a preset menu when you are planning a birthday bash at Montreal pubs.
  5. Keep Your Guest List Ready before Finalizing Anything: Guest list is a must as it allows you to decide other things. You need a proper list or number of people attending your birthday bash so that you can easily plan a venue to accommodate them.

Follow these simple tips to give a banging birthday bash at one of Montreal’s pubs.