6 Tips to Know before Planning a Party at a Bar

Everyone loves to party and a great combination of music and drinks will get your party rocking. Organizing a party and ensuring that it’s entertaining for all your guests is very challenging and difficult to achieve if there’s no proper source and help in place. If no proper planning is done and the party flops, you will be left with unhappy guests and a bad memory, which lingers for days to come.

To prevent such bad moments at the party, you should follow certain rules while organizing one. Organizing a party at a bar is not a child’s play and you should be aware of the market, and have the knack to organize parties. Be prepared to face the financial crunches that may arise. Be it a small party or a grand milestone party at any good pub or bar like Prankster Gurgaon, we have compiled few rules that should get your party rocking and make it a memorable one.

Negotiate the Deal Based on the Number of Guests

Even if it’s a party organized at a bar, be sure to prepare the list of people whom you plan to invite. Knowing the number of guests coming to the party helps in negotiating the deal better with the service provider. Making a guest list will also help you plan for the venue size and the food and drinks at the party. Failing to do so will either result in shortage or excess of food and beverages, which will become difficult to handle.

Know Your Guests

Making the list alone is not enough. You should know their preferences regarding the veg and non-veg food and also how many will be up for hard drinks etc. This helps in planning the menu better. The preparations depend both on the size of the party and the preference of the guests. If it’s a mega event that you are planning then preparation should start months in advance. A small party, on the other hand, can be organised in short notice according to the guest needs.

Find the Packages Offered by the Bar

When choosing a bar as a venue, you mostly get the bar/door deal. This simply means that while the organizer gets the money earned at the door, the club owner gets the one made at the bar. The bar often provides cocktail party packages depending upon what liquor you choose for your guests. So, you can choose from Foreign-made, Domestic or even Indian-made foreign liquor. This helps in preventing any confusion in the party because then the bartenders will be serving only those liquors or cocktails that are in the package. Also, try to figure out what else is included in a particular package and plan accordingly.

Pay Attention to Details

While you are focusing on all major points, don’t forget to pay attention to small details. These small things are capable of ruining all your efforts. A small thing like the operating hours of the bar can be so crucial. Suppose you call guests early then it can be an embarrassing situation. Before finalising a venue you also need to make sure that commuting from the place is convenient for the guests.

Get a Dedicated Place

You are organising a party for your circle of friends and family and will definitely not like if someone gate-crashes it. Many of the pubs and bars have the option of customizing the dance floor. Make use of that option or in case they can dedicate an entire area exclusively for your usage it will be still better. Then you can get it organised according to your wish and requirement and both you and your guests can coolly enjoy.

Any Special Gig / Band Playing at That Night Which Might Spoil Your Party

Bars often have particular bands playing on a particular day of the week. Find out if they have anything planned for the day you want to book. This is important because then it can spoil the fun at your party unless you have a totally different floor or area at your disposal.

Organising a party takes lot of time and effort. We all go to a party to enjoy nice music, be in good company, dine well and feel happy. Ensure that all arrangements, both big and small, are in place so that your party is rocking.