A Guide to Organising the Perfect Children’s Party

While children’s parties are usually a whole lot of fun, it can present a real challenge to the adult organisers, and with the real threat that the party might be a flop, you need to examine your options at the very outset. Bouncy castles are fun, at least for a while, but if you want something that will hold the kids’ attention, a slot car race party is the perfect solution. Most parents are old enough to remember the early slot car tracks, and probably have fond memories of laying on the living room floor, as the cars propelled around the figure of 8 track, and most of us never tired of this exciting activity.

Modern Slot Car Racing

Like everything else, slot car racing has seen some amazing changes, with perfectly replicated cars that really do hold the track, and track builds that are permanent fixtures, with very large 8-car circuits that include corkscrew and loops. Race party organisers, such as raceparty.com, offer an unforgettable experience for 10-24 guests, and with a range of affordable packages, all you have to do is arrange for the party guests to arrive at the track venue, and the organisers handle everything else. The company that organises these race parties has years of hands-on experience, and they know what excites the kids, and are able to provide the perfect party experience.

Race Party Packages

There really is something for every taste, and with the exciting night time race package, the participants can experience glow cars that whizz round a lit track at unbelievable speeds. All packages would include 60 minutes of track time, and there would likely be a special party room, where the kids can really shake a leg and use up some of that never-ending energy. Of course, there must be food and drink, and whatever their preference, there will be a suitable menu. All participants will receive a special race party invitation, and there are pre-organised races that will determine who is the fastest racer on the day. All the kids love to cheer the racers, and with an 8-car track, it isn’t long before it’s your turn behind the wheel.

Unisex Interest

It isn’t only the boys that fall in love with slot racing, and very often, the fastest racer is a female competitor. Slot racing isn’t about pure power, as you need to know exactly how much power to lay down on the curves, and the gentle touch is often the key to success. Often the boys will race against the girls, which is one way of settling the argument once and for all, and with race prizes and mementos of the big day, everyone comes away happy, even the losers!

If you would like to organise a race party for your child’s next birthday, an online search would help you locate the nearest venue, and remember to book well in advance, as the tracks are very popular, especially at the weekend.