Are You Having a Party? What You Need to Know

Any type of well-planned celebration needs to make use of the services of a company that provides party accessories and marquees. If you do not have access to these types of amenities, it can be difficult to plan a special occasion or event.

As mentioned, you can choose various styles of marquees for an outside fete as well as hire such items as tables and chairs, glassware, cutlery, and crockery. Sometimes, you can obtain special discounts when you contact a company during certain times of the year. Usually, specials are offered during the time of year when event planning slows down.

Weekend Bookings

If you are having a party and plan to hire party accessories, you usually can secure the items for up to three days at a time. That is because most celebrations take place over the weekend. So, the items are usually set up and delivered on a Friday so they can be used on a Saturday and returned by Monday. As a result, many of bookings are scheduled on the weekends.

If your own party is being held during the weekend, make sure you make arrangements far in advance of the party date. That way, you can ensure that you will receive everything you need to make your event extra special. Whilst party companies will tell you that you can book mere hours in advance, they do prefer that clients give them at least six weeks’ notice, especially when hiring marquees.

Do Not Procrastinate

So, when it comes to booking a party hire, you will find that the busiest season runs from October through March. If you are not hiring a marquee, then you will discover that it is pretty safe to book your accessories about a month ahead of schedule. You just have to remember that the longer you procrastinate, the more likely it is that you will not be able to obtain all the party items you need.

Hiring party accessories requires a deposit. Therefore, make sure you are financially equipped to handle the down payment. Usually companies charge a fee of 30% when you make a booking. The balance for the hire is normally payable in its entirety ten days before the scheduled party. You can usually pay with a credit card or check. Also, remember that your deposit will not be refunded if you cancel your party.

Paying for Damages

If guests break some of the items you hire for your party, then you will also have to plan to pay for the damages. Naturally, the items that are broken most often include glasses and crockery. If certain pieces have been broken to smithereens, you need to speak to the company about the replacement costs.

Therefore, it is best to try to return all your accessories in the same condition as they were received. That means you need to make sure all of the items and equipment are clean and in pristine shape. Cleaning bonds are issued for certain items such as barbecues, warmers, and red carpets. If they are returned clean then, your money will be returned. Items such as serviettes and linen tablecloths do not have to be cleaned, as they are washed at a commercial laundry. Therefore, the cost of cleaning is part of the hire fee.