Here Is Everything You Want to Know About Dubai Airport

Dubai has been the ideal destination for holidaymaking for generations now and for good reason too. There is a lot to see and do in Dubai including and not limited to taking in the breathtaking feats of modern architecture. Spend a day at the beach to soak in the sun, go sand skiing and quad biking for a day of pure adventure, try camel riding for pure pleasure, and try the local cuisine for an out of the world experience. Find all this and more only a short distance away from Dubai airport arrival. Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest international airport and the second busiest cargo load airport. It hosts superb airlines such as Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Etihad, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, IndiGo, Hahn Air, and many more. It connects to all major cities in the world seeing as Dubai is also a huge business hub. Not just that, Dubai is also one of the superbculmination of culture and heritage. Almost the entire city hosts foreigners in its wake and creates a unique fusion of cultures.

In the Dubai airport, arrival time is marked by excitement and a flurry of events. This is not very surprising, of course, as the most jaw-dropping shopping experiences are to be had in January during their Shopping Festival. This is not to say that the Dubai Mall or the local souks leave anything to be desired, but January is the peak tourist season. Not only is that the best time to shop, it also affords clear blue skies and the epic skyline vistas that Dubai is so famed for. The fact that this is the perfect beach season does not hurt tourism either. The top things to know about Dubai airport are truly some things that no one really expects to find out. For one thing, the Dubai International Airport is very conveniently located so that all of Dubai is very easily accessible to the travelers. Not just that, since the airport has such great connectivity, the traveler has the option of making a quick trip to nearby places.

Place to See in Dubai Near the Airport

Some of the most awesome things to do and places to see in Dubai are to be found near the Dubai International Airport. The top things to do on Dubai airport arrival are:

  • Dubai Dolphinarium: As the name suggests, the Dolphinarium is an aquarium with dolphins as the star attraction. 4.6 kilometers away from the airport, the dolphin shows at the Dolphinarium are highly popular with children and adults alike and a must watch.
  • Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club: The name of this fine institution leaves nothing to mystery. 3.7 kilometers from Dubai International Airport, the lush golf course,and the adventurous and picturesque yachting zone are simply too good to pass up in Dubai.
  • Dubai Festival City Mall: Shopping and window hopping take a new meaning altogether with this place. The Festival City Mall leaves nothing to be desired in its superb stock at mouth-watering prices. Best of all, it is only 3.7 kilometers away!
  • iFly Indoor Skydiving: Go skydiving in Dubai without the actual risks at iFly Dubai. This indoor skydiving center on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is just 5.8 kilometers from Dubai International Airport and promises of wholesome family fun.
  • iPilot Dubai: Located 1.3 kilometers from Dubai Airport, this flight simulator takes you a ride like never before. Pilot a Boeing 737 in Dubai without leaving the ground and soar high and wide with the truly awesome graphical simulations that it generates.

Visit Dubai: Enjoy the Taste of Arabia’s Finest

The top things to know about Dubai airport are truly exciting as they are and require upselling whatsoever. The customer reviews of each of these places alone make them stand out from the crowd. The top honorable mentions that did not make the list include tours of Abu Hail, Creekside Park, Sinbad Gulf Balloons, Palm Oasis, Al Badia Golf Club, Vox Cinemas, and the countless top-notch spas in Dubai. All these places are equally worthy of a visit and merit much praise from everyone. Also, many people who travel to Dubai visit the Burj Khalifa for the remarkable view of the entire city in one panoramic setting. There are also numerous restaurants quite close by just in case the travelers need to snack, lunch, or dine in luxury. All these are quite close to the Dubai International Airport and there is no question of having to sit idle and bored at the Airport Terminal.