How to Entertain Wedding Guests

Wedding Day is one of the most special days in a couple’s life. Everyone wants this day to be perfect and that includes making it a memorable event for the guests as well. A few things that one can keep in mind on how to entertain wedding guests to make it a perfect day can be checked out at or as follows:Music:

This is one form of entertainment that is enjoyed by all age groups. Choose the music you want to play on your special day in advance to make sure the mood; theme and occasion fall into place. While preparing your playlist give some thought to background score as well as the dance score that would go with the food and wine.


Other than the immediate family and friends not everyone invited participates in all the wedding proceedings. To keep them going food is one easy way to keep them engaged. Give careful thought to the food menu. Things that should be kept in mind while deciding the menu are:

  • Theme of the wedding
  • Drinks and wine to be served
  • Music
  • Special preferences of invited guests


Making sure the drinks keep flowing.  Ranging from soft drinks to hard drinks, there should be something for everyone as it keeps people in the spirit. Choosing your wine carefully is very important, as it should go with the food that you plan to serve.Keep them engaged:

Most of the times, the wedding day stays special only for the couple and close family/friends. You can do things such that everyone invited is happily engaged as well as the day is as memorable for them as for you. Some of the things that can be done:

  • Play a slideshow of photographs featuring the lives of the couple
  • Have a DJ and a dance floor
  • Keep simple games that can be played at the table
  • Keep small activities for kids so that they stay occupied
  • Make a play area for the kids so that the parents can actually enjoy

Send them back with a little memento:

Giving out little personalized mementoes at the end of the ceremony leaves the guests with something to remember the day by forever fondly. It need not be something expensive or fancy but a small hand written note will help add the personalized touch.Any wedding day is special. Giving a little consideration and thought to the entertainment of the guests goes a long way in not only making the day as well as the ceremony special for the couple, but also for the guests.