How to Plan the Perfect New Years Eve Party

We’ve put together this article for those extroverts who love to please and enjoy being around friends and family during holidays. New Year’s Eve is coming! Yes, it’s the holiday season is upon us and we’re ready for it. If you’ve recently moved into a new house, chances are you’re just finally getting everything unpacked and put into place for that first housewarming party!

Now that you’re done selling your home and all moved into the new one, why not do a New Year’s Eve Housewarming party. Just keep reading to learn how you can plan the best New Year’s Eve party in your new home

Knowing what kind of New Years Eve party you want

We all know that every successful party or event requires some type of planning. First you need to ask yourself the following three questions about the overall flow of your New Year’s Eve party:

  1. Do you want a smaller more intimate setting or a bigger vibrant scene?
  2. Cheap and fun route or elegant and classy?
  3. Is it adults only or are kids invited too?

Knowing the direction of your party is crucial. If you decide you want to have just a few close friends over, save some money and focus on an adult party with some beverages – you’ve already got an idea of who your guests will be and what they would enjoy for things to do and maybe even what type of food you’ll be able to provide. If your friends are all married with children, you’ll want to assume the kids will be joining the party and prepare to have some things for children to do as well. If you decide you want to throw an all adult dress party, you should skip the plastic silverware and red solo cups, make sure you know enough champagne glasses for everyone and find a good music playlist to have in the background to draw the void between conversations.

Planning the New Year’s Eve party

Based on the three questions above, once you’ve decided what type of party you want, you’re now ready to start getting ready to throw the party. If you’ve ever hosted events or parties, you should already know that people say they’ll show up and never do. In this case, we suggest creating a Facebook event. If you only want to invite certain people, create the event as ‘Private’ and only send invites to those who you choose. This will not only confirm or deny their attendance,provide further insight into how truly interested your guests are,and alsogive you a roundabout head count on how many friends you should expect to actually show up.

We also suggest that you spend a night or two and really clean your house. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying your house is dirty, we’re simply saying that it’s always a good thing as a host to provide a clean and safe environment for party guests. Have you ever walked into someone’s house and said,‘what is that smell?’ and then realize itis coming from the half-bathroom down the hall? Gross, we know. Do yourself and your guests a favor and give your bathrooms, kitchen, back patio and other high traffic areas a nice cleaning before the event.

Insider Scoop: This may sound a little off the wall, but if you think about it, its true. The tip is to load up on toilet paper, paper towels and have some cleaning clothes or towels ready to handle your guests. Toilet paper because, well, we don’t need it to be 11:45pm and you find out that your primary guest bathroom is out of TP. Paper towels and cleaning clothes because it is a party afterall, and accidents happen. Someone will bump into something and spill their drink or food plate on the floor. If you’re unprepared without paper towels, disinfectant/cleaning wipes, or even a towel for a large spill, it may throw the vibe of your party off and we’re trying to prepare you on how to throw the best party for your guests.

Food and drink for your New Year’s Eve party

Again, going back to the ‘type’ of party you’re throwing – if its more informal and you’re trying to save some money while enjoying bringing in the new year, within the Facebook event description, ask that your guests bring a food dish or extra beverages of choice. You could divvy out what you need to your guests, but then it takes away their freedom a bit and they may feel more obligated rather than excited.

Food ideas for your New Year’s party:

  • Appetizers – We strongly suggest doing a variety of appetizers rather than trying to plan a sit-down dinner, this will keep guests on their own agenda without.Some good suggestions are: stuffed mushrooms, crab cakes, anything on a skewer, fruits and veggies accompanied by respective dips of course, and you can’t go wrong with a cheese, crackers and salami plate.

Beverage ideas for your New Year’s party:

  • Champagne – Depending on guest list, maybe an extra bottle or two so everyone has something to sip on during that 12am cheers.
  • Water – It’s always good to keep a stash of water for your guests, whatever the reasoning may be.
  • Sparkling grape juice – If there are underage guests at your New Years party, make them feel part of the festivities with some sparkling grape juice. We do not condone underage drinking.
  • Carbonated soda – In case one or more of your guests get an upset stomach (maybe they’re just not used to your cooking), having some carbonated drinks may help ease their stomach pains.

Insider Scoop:Keep an extra stock of drinks in a cooler outside or in the reserve refrigerator in the garage. Again, we don’t want your guests to be parched and uncomfortable. If the party is kid friendly, be prepared and stash some reserve juice boxes from the store and break them out if needed.

Home Decor for your New Year’s Eve party

Decorations are a must when hosting a New Year’s Eve party. You should have confetti, streamers, balloons, wall decorations, tablecloths, and whatever else your home living situation can handle. You can find all of these items at stores like Party City orgo online ahead of time and order NYE decor from websites like Wholesale Party Supplies or even Amazon that will ship directly to you. A cool idea to think about here is colors, often times New Year’s Eve is associated with gold so plan your décor accordingly.

If you really want to step it up a notch and live in a climate where your guests will be able to lounge outside in your back yard, head over to Walmart or Home Depot and get a few strings of those white/clear circle bulbs and run them from your patio to your back fence or wall. This can really help set the mood especially if you have a nice fireplace where your guests can relax outside around. Those gold number blow up balloons could be a nice addition to this as well.

Insider Scoop: Get some disposable cameras and place them around your party with little signs that inform guests to take pictures. This may seem a bit old school with today’s digital camera and cell phone advancements, but it’s a fun one because you never know what you’re going to get once the pictures are developed.

New Year’s Eve home entertainment & party favors

We’re going to end this article with the fun part. This is where you’re able to equip your guests with noisemakersand party horns, New Year’s Eve party hats and tiara’s. This is the part that separates your New Year’s Eve party apart from just being a regular get together. Having the party hats and noise makers is pretty much a requirement. However, we have a few more items that you can add to your New Year’s Eve shopping list that will be sure to make your guests never forget your event.

  • Guestbook – This one may not apply or be ideal for the smaller get together, but if you’re having a larger party with friends and extended friends of friends, having a guestbook is a cool idea so everyone can sign their name and maybe even put a little note on how they now know you.
  • Homemade photo booth / area – This is a really good idea and may just be our favorite. If you have available space to put up any kind of backdrop and decorate it with New Year’s Eve stuff, put a camera on a tripod and let your guests go to town with some fun photos.
  • Chambongs – Okay, if you’ve never heard of these, they’re pretty cool. Again, it’s going to depend on what type of party and guests you have over, but it can always provide some quick smiles. Simply put, it’s a champagne glass with an open-ended bent stem for the champagne to go in the top of the glass, then down through the stem and into the mouth of the guest.
  • Fireworks – If you live in a state where fireworks are allowed, grab some sparklers, roman candles, gold fountains and maybe even some smoke bombs to light off for your guests after the clock stakes 12.

Insider Scoop: If you have an available open area in your backyard or living room that just feels a bit, lacking – make a homemade photo booth or photo wall. Set up a table with party glasses, hats, and other New Year’s Eve related items for your guests to have some fun in front of the camera. This will not only give them something to talk about, something to remember, but it will provide pictures of your guests having a good time that you can share with them at a later time.