How to Save Money on Prom Costs

If your teenager will be headed to prom this year, chances are you’re freaking out about how much it’s all going to cost. Nothing like when you were in school, teens and their parents tend to go all out for the flash and attention. Luxury custom-made dresses, expensive rides, over the top hairstyles, and even costly accessories tend to be the norm these days. You want to make sure that your teen looks great and has a good time, but is it possible to do with a limited budget?

Rent a Tux

If you’re worried about your son looking dapper for prom you shouldn’t be. Instead of paying top dollar for a fancy suit he’ll likely never wear again, you could simply rent the tux. If you’re short on cash, they do have installment loans for bad credit you could use to pay for the rental upfront.

Shop for Dresses at a Bargain

Instead of heading to the mall where prom dresses tend to be popular and expensive, try going dress shopping for bargains. You can find beautiful dresses in department stores, bridal shops, and even secondhand shops. If it needs a bit more detail and you’re good with sewing, you could help spruce the dress up to make it look more trendy.

DIY Manicure and Pedicure

Lots of teenage girls are going all-natural when it comes to their nails these days, so heading to a nail shop for acrylic and other treatments isn’t necessary. To save on prom costs you could buy the supplies and do the manicure and pedicure yourself at home. Who knows, you can get a few other moms to pitch in and make a night of it for the girls.

DIY Hair and Makeup

Another way to shave some of those prom costs would be to do your teen’s hair and makeup yourself. If you aren’t skilled in that department but have a friend or relative who is, ask them to lend a helping hand. Again, purchasing supplies is a lot cheaper than paying at the salon.

Rent Accessories

If your teenager is dying to have a diamond necklace, bracelet, or earrings to finish off her prom look (or your son is looking for a killer watch), you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars at a jewelry store. You could essentially rent accessories for prom night.

Use Someone’s Car

Do you know anyone who has a trendy, flashy, or vintage-looking car in their garage? If you do, there’s no reason for you to pay over the top prices for car and limo rentals. If not, you could save some money by asking other parents to chip in on the cost of a rental and having your kids ride to the prom together.

Every parent knows how much prom night means to their teen. It’s the celebration just before graduation. A time to have fun and let loose with their friends. While you know the significance of the date and how awesome your teen wants to look in front of friends and cameras, you don’t have to stress about going overboard. As you can see from above, there are a lot of ways to save on the occasion without taking away from the moment.