Movie Date From Over The Seas

We reside in completely different islands. V and that i will not see one another until November this season however the huge expanse water between us will not stop us from celebrating our initial anniversary.

24 hour this past year, Feb 9, I told him I really like him too. I have didn’t have an appreciation so wonderful: mature and simple one moment, childish and puzzling another but constantly sincere, caring, and forgiving.

I can not and will not come up with this seem less cheesy when i state that people decided to watch My Amnesia Girl for the first movie date to celebrate our first anniversary. Before the film arrived on the scene, we have always loved the song Mahal Kita Kasi by Nicole Hyala (fan-made video at the end from the page) due to the very cheesy lyricsp never does not provide us with fun. This song later grew to become the state soundtrack of My Amnesia Girl by Star Cinema.

We bought exactly the same snacks, bought exactly the same drink, and also the same movie. Through these, i was on the telephone, preparing together.

After everything was set, we counted to three and pressed play.

I could not help but smile once we did. It felt weird doing that, even getting exactly the same reactions in the same scenes simultaneously as though we are not miles of waters apart and we are really watching it together. I suppose i was watching it together.

Once the movie ended, it had been all warm and there is this sweet clumsiness that people discrete short bursts of laughter every couple of minutes. I cried though. Never expected it in the future flowing after i told him things i recognized: It is not the area or even the what you have surrounding you which makes to start dating ? a great date. It’s when both of you are together and also you result in the magic simply by her.