Promenade Dresses Celebrities Might Put on

Every girl really wants to seem like her favorite celebrity, especially at promenade time when you wish to seem like a star. With designers constantly modeling their styles after celebrity designer couture, nowadays you are able to. Here are a few promenade gowns celebrities might put on.

Kim Kardashian

If you wish to emulate Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous look, look for something that appears like Faviana style #6000. It is a lengthy, curve-hugging chiffon tank with ruching from bust to knee along with a sheer ruffle from knee to floor.

The rear comes with an elegant angel wing pattern and also the straps and waist are embroidered with sequins and beads. It’s available in white-colored, teal, pomegranate, and olive.

Nicole Kidman

Maybe you are much more of a Carrie Bradshaw chickadee? Look for a product cut like Faviana style #6240. It is a half-shoulder strapped, knee-length cutie.

You are aware how SJP likes to put on a large flower on her behalf shoulder? This outfit has one and contains a darling separate the best leg. It’s available in black, red, white-colored and navy.

Avoi Longoria

Are you currently the next “Desperate Housewife” within the making? You will get this look by locating a design much like Faviana #6417. This shapely formed stunner is skintight.

The tulip cut bodice leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. It is rather simple yet uber chic. It’s available in black and red.


Single ladies, do you want to arrange it like Beyonce? Take a look at how Faviana #6506 was created. It is a chiffon, half-shoulder strapped ensemble. The strap traces the left shoulder and catches a back strap to create a Z shape. It’s intricately appliqud with beaded flowers.

Nicole Kidman

If your tall, classy look is exactly what you would like, Faviana style #6590 is one thing you can imagine Nicole Kidman putting on. It is a delicate and tranquil ivory tank dress with gold accents.


Maybe you need to showcase your “humps” Fergie-style? Outfits like Faviana #6600 are similar to apparel she’s been seen putting on around the red carpet. It is a bust enhancing knit design which comes in lilac.

Jordin Sparks

Wishing to become idolized such as this youthful singer/songwriter? Faviana’s style #9167 is made together with her signature try looking in mind. It is a two-toned tank chiffon dress. Straps and neckline are fashioned from black sequins. The entire skirt is available in green or watermelon.

Carrie Underwood

Are you currently star struck over this blond bombshell Idol crooner? Faviana’s style #6564 is made together with her style of mind. It is a chiffon design having a cascade of ruffles lower the rear. It’s available in ivory, plum, cerise, black, and navy – with jewel stone accents.


In case your soul is an R&B singer, try a dress-up costume much like Nika Designs #3284. Such as the Carrie Underwood concept, it’s bedecked in ruffles. It’s satiny sweet in cherry red.

Billy Burke

Are you currently deeply in love with a pale, red-eyed boy you might never have the ability to have? You may fantasize about being Kristin Stewart’s BFF? Faviana style #6604 is modeled after attire she used towards the Oscars. It is a strapless satin look which comes in navy.