The Best Source For Poetry Contests

I have been looking for the best platforms online to get some visibility for my poetry. All along, I have been keeping a secret collection of my work. This collection was found by one of my friends, who was impressed with my work and he was the one who coaxed me to take part in poetry contests. I did not know that others would like my work so much; I used to pen down a few lines whenever I felt like and the collection grew into a large volume.

I spent a lot of time to screen these websites that hosted poetry contests. I was not able to narrow down any single site as I was not sure whether those are reliable websites. Luckily I came across this amazing source which listed all the best poetry contests online. All these contests were free poetry contests and the best part is that all of them had cash prizes. The very thought I would not only be able to give some visibility to my work but I also had the chance to win some cash prize. It was too good to be true; I did my review before I took this website seriously.

What I liked about this website is that I did not have to visit multiple websites any longer searching for the contests. All the top contests were now listed in one place. This website served as an online database of these contests. There are similar websites out there but what I noticed is that most of the sites did not update their listings. All what I was able to find were some outdated listings and links that would not work. With this website, I did not find any such issues. All contests were up to date and every link took me to authenticated contests.

After I found this website, I saved a lot of time. I did win a number of cash prizes. I will certainly recommend this website for those who are looking for the best source for online poetry competitions. This website saves me the time as they have done the homework for me and they continue to update the page regularly. If you too are interested in taking part in online poetry competitions, it would be a good idea to get started from this source.

I have now more time to actually write on my favourite themes rather than waste my time screening these contests and that is what I used to do before I came across this website. It came as such a great consolation for me to find this source. I frequently visit this website to know about all the latest poetry contests that I could participate. There cannot be an easier way to spot the best poetry contests online. One of the most dependable sources that I have come across so far.