Top Reasons Why You Should Stream College Football Live with A VPN

NCAA college football is one of the many America sports that is not only popular with those staying within the States, but fans and enthusiasts in other countries too. That is not a surprise though, given all the fun and action that goes down on the pitch every match day.

Of the various methods you can use to catch the games though – going via cable TV or using a streaming platform of your choice – streaming the NCAA college football content live with a VPN still remains the best bet for you.

Here’s why:

  • A VPN helps you get rid of game blackouts

            One of the common occurrences that ruins the college football viewing experience for many are the game blackouts. They occur at the most inconvenient times, pushing you out of the loop of those who will be getting the games from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are.

This underhand tactic is employed by the game promoters to bring as many fans and interested viewers as possible to the stands and sell them tickets. Why we don’t agree with this model is that a lot of these people have already paid to see the content on cable or with their streaming service.

Now, they either have to go pay extra for tickets or wait several hours after the live game has been played to get the same game.

How a VPN helps:

Since the game blackouts are only limited to the areas were the match is supposed to be physically played, you will get access to the games if you were in another region. To do so, all you have to do is:

  • Launch your VPN
  • Connect to another server location in the US (besides yours where the game has been blacked out)
  • Log in to your streaming service
  • Enjoy the games without glitches.
  • A VPN helps eliminate the cost/ unavailability of cable TV:

            Cable TV brings you a lot of channels on top of the regular sports networks. That means you have to pay more for content that you might not even watch. Even if the cost was not an issue, networks that show college football are only available in the US.

This makes it impossible (on a normal day) for people travelling or living outside the States to get access to the games from their TV networks.

Streaming platforms (such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, etc.) have sprung up to not only take care of the cost, but availability of the games on the go. However, they are still limited in the fact that they won’t allow regions beyond the US borders access to these games.

Combined, a VPN solves that problem by allowing you connect to a server location in the US (which gives you access to the game like you were in the country too). Afterwards, you can pick what streaming service you want, register with them and start enjoying college football on their dedicated channels.

Note: Ensure you don’t connect to a US server location where the game is currently being blacked out so that you are not treated to the same fate. The best way to ensure that is by not connecting to the location where the match is scheduled to be played.


Besides providing you an extra layer of encryption to keep your data safe while streaming games online, a VPN still holds more promise as has been seen above. No matter what viewing problem you have, you can now say bye to them.