Top Tips for Becoming an After Dinner Speaker

Public speaking has drawn much attention among all challenging social activities around the globe of late.  The best after-dinner speakers can get things more simplified, but it actually takes a lot of an individual to deliver his speech on a positive note. An inexperienced person won’t be able to hold on for long after he gets into the stage.

The global market for motivational speaking has really been very demanding when it comes to hiring speakers exhibiting world-class attributes. In 2015, the Debrett’s named Andrew Neil speaker, broadcaster, and publisher to be among the most influential personalities in the UK. He has a good number of followers all over the globe till date.

Regardless of whether you’re delivering your speeches to a young audience of students or to some middle-aged group of businessmen, you’ll need to do a detailed research in advance.

The key attributes projected by all great motivational speakers have been discussed below:


The level of confidence that gets reflected in a public speech often holds the key to its effectiveness. The accuracy and conviction with which a public speaker needs to address his audience will help in determining his positive influence over the crowd. He’ll need to enjoy his presence and believe in his inner strength and ability.

Subject Matter

A combination of facts and notions that are to be delivered on a platter often help the public speakers in marketing themselves on stage. Their speeches ought to reflect a vivid and real picture of their anecdotes based on their life experiences.


A motivational speaker has to test the water during the initial 30 seconds of delivering his speech. This is really crucial for developing an idea of the attitude of his target audience. It paves his way for developing a strong bond with his viewers by pressing on the right chords. It gives out an idea of what he should stress on, how to interact and how to blend humor and knowledge for creating the perfect package.

At times, it might seem to be an uphill task to pick the right after dinner speaker for boasting your cause. However, a number of after-dinner speakers are there to share their invaluable experiences with your business executives or students. For instance, Eddie the Eagle speaker has earned a name for delivering highly effective speeches on his adventures with the help of his TV appearances and short films covering his past performances.

You must work towards choosing the right motivational speaker soon after planning an event. The process is exciting but you must get an idea of the mindset of your audience based on the true nature of your event. A number of companies have set up websites to assist you in selecting a speaker from their huge network of celebrities and global professionals. All you need to do is to check out their profiles based on your type of industry. In the end, you just need to call them up, share the purpose of your event, and book an appointment in advance.