What to Avoid While Planning a Hens Night Party

The hens night party is a much-anticipated event among the women friends circle, and even the bride-to-be herself. There are a certain number of expectations when it comes to a hens night, certain aspects that are considered a given. However, in recent years, women tend to prefer to colour a little outside the lines when it comes to the most important night out for the bride, before the big day. Not everyone wants to do tacky things, scream and shout, and get so drunk that it ruins the night for everyone! There are a few hens night ideas out there that could suit the taste of everyone who attends your bestie’s party.

If you’re the planner for the hens night out that your bestie will never forget, here are a few hens night absolute don’ts that you want to watch out for:

  1. Don’t force people to spend more money than they can: This is a big no-no when it comes to planning your friend’s hen do. Never make the assumption that everyone is eager to spend as much as you might towards planning the party. Involve the rest of your friends circle in coming up with a budget that would suit everyone’s pocket, so that the slightly sensitive issue of money is gotten out of the way as soon as possible. Make modest plans that will fit into your budget without compromising anyone’s comfort level.
  2. Don’t invite people who may not gel with the crowd: there are so many horror stories about how one unpleasant (*cough* jealous!) guest ruined the night for everyone. Or how one person was not all that into the activities and gave everyone else disapproving glances. This can happen especially if you invite relatives or slightly older women who may not be game for all the fun bridal shower games your list. Check with the bride first, and finalise the list accordingly. You can even cleverly organise and hold two different hen dos, putting compatible people together for optimum fun!
  3. Don’t let the drinking get out of hand: this is a tricky one as you run the risk of sounding like everyone’s disapproving mother! However, letting people drink too much, especially the bride, might not be a great idea, as it will definitely put a damper on all the hens night ideas you and your friends had planned for the day. Make sure everyone has enough to get the party going, but also have an eye on the moderation levels, so that everyone, especially the bride, has fun and is not terribly hung-over the next day.