Where to eat around Christmas in Monaco

Christmas in Monaco is all about dazzling decorations and festive fare. Here are some of the best places to go for fabulous food and a great atmosphere.

Christmas Village

No Christmas in Monaco is complete without a visit to the Christmas Village next to Port Hercules. Immerse yourself in its magical atmosphere while indulging in gourmet delights. Savour oysters, foie gras, duck magret or regional specialities. Sip champagne or warm yourself with mulled wine as you admire the spectacular decorations and this year’s New Orleans-themed chalets.

Enjoy a very special yule log

The pastry chefs from the Société des Bains de Mer (which owns many of Monaco’s most prestigious restaurants and hotels) recently competed to make the best “bûche de Noël” (yule log). After a blind tasting, the jury chose a creation by Mathieu Louis, pastry chef at the Hôtel de Paris. Mr Louis put a fruity spin on the rolled and frosted cake that has long been a French Christmas favourite. His version is composed of a pineapple-flavoured sponge cake, lime mousse and a pineapple jam filling and is presented on a bed of crumble. During the festive season it can enjoyed at all Société des Bains de Mer establishments. Alternatively, if you want to impress your guests at home in your Monaco luxury property you can order one 24 hours in advance from the Hôtel de Paris (+377 98 06 31 59).


Rampoldi has been a favourite wining and dining haunt of celebrities since it opened its doors in 1946. With its Belle Epoque interior, crystal chandeliers and impressive selection of the world’s most prestigious wines, this is a restaurant with a permanent festive vibe. Executive chef Antonio Salvatore has concocted a special menu for Christmas in Monaco that won’t disappoint guests seeking to spend a memorable evening.

Buddha Bar, Monte Carlo

If you spent time around Christmas in Monaco, the Buddha Bar is the place to go for fabulous sushi and Asian fusion cuisine in an exotic and vibrant atmosphere. Under the restaurant’s soaring seven-metre-high ceilings, the food is served under the benevolent eye of a gigantic meditating Buddha statue. Sushi chef Wagner Spadacio won the sushi vice-world champion title in Tokyo in September 2018, which is an indication of the quality of the food you can expect in this highly appreciated venue. Enjoy the French twist chef Eric Guillemaud gives to Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Southeast Asian dishes, while a DJ spins a mix of lounge and world music.